What to Do in a Plumbing Emergency

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Have you ever come home to find your bathroom flooded? Have you woken up in the middle of the night to the dreaded sound of running water? What about going to show and finding there is no hot water?

It’s at times like these that you need a reputable company to assist with your plumbing emergency.

If you find you have a plumbing emergency and are not sure where to turn, there are some steps you can follow to ensure that the least amount of damage is incurred.

The first thing you will find is you feel panicked. This is completely understandable, but the best thing to do is try and keep a cool head. Don’t run for the computer or phone directory first, rather find your water switch off valve and turn the water off to the property to stop the rushing water.

Next get some towels or rags and dry up as much as the water as possible, reducing the amount of damage to walls and floors. In a plumbing emergency it’s easy to forget what order to tackle the problem in, so remember turn off water, dry up water and then remove furniture items which have least amount of damage to them, enabling them to dry out quickly.

It is at this point you phone the emergency plumber and get them to come out and look at the problem. Chances are if it is late at night or after hours you will need to answer a stream of questions.

This isn’t to add to your frustration, but rather for the plumber to get an accurate idea of the problem and determine if it is something they can fix right away or if it is something that will need to wait until morning, once they can source the parts they need.

Ross’s Plumbing

In Auckland there is one name that homeowners think of in a plumbing emergency and that is Ross’s Plumbing.

Ross’s Plumbing have been a household name for many years in the area. This family owned plumbing business offers a range of services from plumbing maintenance to drainage and gas services.

The experienced and knowledgeable team understand the urgency in every call and ensure superior customer service from the initial phone call until your plumbing emergency has been dealt with effectively.

Ross’s Plumbing (rosssplumbing.co.nz) are members of the Auckland Society of Master Plumbers and they offer an excellent after hours service for those unexpected plumbing surprises, which often take hold once the family have gone to bed.

For this plumbing company there isn’t a job that is too big or too small, whether it’s a tap washer that needs replacing or you need a kitchen or bathroom renovation, Ross’s Plumbing are able to help.

Working with a number of property managers, they also offer property maintenance services throughout the Auckland area.

For any plumbing requirements, you want peace of mind that the company you use have the knowledge and expertise, but also that they have a solid reputation in your area.


When Should I Start Business Exit Planning?

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Many business owners don’t take their business exit planning seriously. When you first start a business, the furthest thing from your mind is the day you leave the business.

Over the years you put blood, sweat and tears into building the business up to a successful enterprise, a business where you are needed and cannot afford to leave the helm.

It’s at this point that many business owners start worrying about their business exit planning, they realise they have put themselves in the situation where they are relied on daily and cannot leave the business, even for a weekend, because it will collapse around them.

Where to Start

For many business owners, business exit planning is something they only worry about when they reach retirement age, but this isn’t the best possible option. These days start-up businesses should have some form of strategy in place, ensuring their business can manage in their absence and enable them to retire with a regular income to fund their retirement.

Peter Vale of Exit Man recommends that all business exit planning should be done very early in business, whether it’s training a competent management team or ensuring the business is appealing to prospective purchasers. This immediately reduces the stress of the business owner when it comes time to leave their empire and enjoy the finer things in life.

Where to start really depends on what you expect from your business when you leave. Are you thinking of retaining ownership and letting the business run without your assistance so you can relax and put your feet up while still earning an income that is enough to pay for your retirement, or are you thinking of selling off the business when it comes time to retire to pay for that retirement?

Succession planning and business exit planning are steps that should be factored in by all business owners. There are so many business owners that feel trapped because they have compromised their family time, they cannot go away on holiday and when they leave the office, it seems to fall apart.

Bring in the Exit Man

Peter Vale, the owner of Exit Man, is a business exit management specialist. Peter’s aim is to help the business owner exit their business with the maximum amount of profit in the shortest period of time.

Peter Vale is an author and event speaker and has run successful businesses throughout the UK, New Zealand and Australia. His practical approach has proven to be effective with trapped business owners who feel they cannot escape the grips of their business.

The Exit Man offers a host of solutions and support for business owners assisting them with their exit and succession strategies.

During his time running successful businesses, the Exit Man realised that many of the business owners didn’t have an exit strategy and that trapped feeling left them financially and medically compromised.

His ideas on how to help business owners achieve the most amount of profit from their businesses when they leave and ensuring they do this in a way where they remain healthy, is of the upmost importance to Peter Vale.

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